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What to Expect

What to Expect

Booking a therapy session for the first time can be daunting. Many questions may be going through your mind. "Do I really need to talk to someone?","Do I have the 'right' kind of issues?", "What if my problems are too big?", "What if my problems are too small?", "What if my therapist doesn't get me?"And the list goes on, because you're human!

Reaching out is the first step. Be gentle with yourself and acknowledge what courage it took to make the call, or press send on the email button. This is the first step towards healing. You are making yourself a priority and sending yourself a message that your needs really do matter. Because they do.

First Session

In your first session you can expect to explore the following:


Why you sought therapy? A particular issue probably led you to seek counseling. We will work together to explore what is happening for you currently and look for clues as to what may be underneath your current situation or issues.

Your personal history and current situation. I will ask you a series of questions about your life. For example, what was your childhood like? Who was in your family of origin? What relationships are you in now?

Your current symptoms. How is your current situation impacting your daily life? Is your

work being affected? Are your relationships being affected? How are you coping?

All of this information will help me to better understand your presenting problem,

and you, in your life in general.

TIPS for you


Be open and honest. It is my job to make our time together comfortable, safe and free

of judgement so you can be relaxed and open. When you feel safe that is when we can

really get to the bottom of what what you're feeling and experiencing. My intention it to

be open and authentic with you so you can be open and authentic with me (and yourself)!


Be prepared. Take a little time before our session to reflect on how you are feeling and

how your current situation is impacting your life. One way to prepare is to write down

the reasons you’re seeking help. Make a list and then read it out loud. Hearing yourself

say it a few times will help you describe things more clearly to the therapist.

Ask questions. It helps to understand the process of therapy. I invite you to ask

questions about our work together!

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